Design ideas: Adding a surround to your fireplace

Posted on December 29, 2017 at 11:22 am

Whether or not you’re considering some design changes to your home, there are certain key features worth looking at for 2018. One of which is your traditional marble, stone or oak fire surrounds.

The interesting point about fireplaces is they tend to deliver a pleasant layer of elegance and hominess to any room that many individuals insist on. The fact is many people probably don’t actually use their fireplace half the time. This is obviously because most homes now have central heating but it hasn’t exactly changed the demand too much. Many modern and traditional properties are a good match for a fireplace, and whether you only use it once a year or several times a year, it will be worth buying for the value and style it can add to your home.

When you are decorating your home, including your fireplace area, try to do some research on the huge variety of designs that are available online. We’re sure whatever you decide on will help make the place more cosy and comfortable for your loved ones. Whenever you are decorating the fireplace, you can normally see the standard red brick style having a wood mantel, and this is one of the popular designs right now. But slight analysis and internet browsing will reveal that you can find a design and style for your new fireplace which is unique and will mix you with interior decorating themes superbly.

The design that you decide to use on your fireplace should add some pleasure and make the place comfortable and pleasant during the winter season. Some people consider the fireplace as one of the features that add a lot of character. It is from this that you should ensure that you have created a good design in your fireplace area. By thinking it through when you are in the process of designing the room, you can have a fireplace that suits the decor correctly and speaks kindly of your sense of style.

One thing a fireplace cannot guarantee, however, is a timeless style. The trends in the fireplace industry are always changing and evolving, and jus like the world of high street fashion, you do have to keep with the times. A good fireplace will of course last for years, but there will come a time when it needs to be modernised, so it can be best to think of this task as a ‘once in every 5 years’ kind of job!

You also need to think quite carefully about safety. Your installer will of course know what goes where and he or she will also be able to point out any issues you need to get around, but when the stove or fireplace has been installed, you need to make sure everything is sealed correctly, because leaks can cause deaths! You also need a carbon monoxide detector to ensure your family is safe in the event of an outbreak.

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