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Easter gifts that aren’t calorific!

Posted on March 23, 2018 at 10:50 am

You don’t always have to buy chocolate eggs for your loved ones at Easter, there are plenty of gifts that don’t pack on the calories, and we’re going to run through a few:

Cuddly toys

If you want to buy a gift for young children at Easter, then you may want to choose a cuddly toy such as a super soft bunny or chick. There will be plenty of options in supermarkets and you can always add a small chocolate egg rather than a huge one. Cuddly toys are perfect at Easter time and the youngsters in your family will surely love them!

Perfume and beauty products

For adults, a nice hamper packed with beauty products like perfumes, shower gels and body washers can make for a lovely Easter gift. There are always new perfumes that hit the shelves during the start of spring, and you really can’t go wrong with an egg shaped hamper with lots of goodies inside.

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Sweet treat Christmas gifts

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 5:00 am

It is not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts. With all the stores starting to bring the festive products onto their shelves, it’s the boost you need to get your thinking cap on.

You may find it hard to think of a different gift idea for each family member and friend, that’s why creating your own homemade sweet treat hamper is the perfect option, and it may save you some pennies too.

Sweet treats can be home baked goods, from festive biscuits to Christmas coloured macaroons. Your sweet treats can be presented in a small wicker basket with some tinsel. This is a thoughtful gift and an alternative option from your standard gifts.

You can bulk buy a set of small wicker baskets early, and because they are in bulk you will get a reasonable rate for them. Head over to a Christmas shop and stock up on a variety of tinsels, and some festive gift tags and all you will have left to do is bake.

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When is the best time to start Christmas shopping?

Posted on August 28, 2017 at 3:41 am

It seems earlier and earlier each year the towns Christmas decorations are up and the shops filled with gift ideas, but why wait? Getting your Christmas shopping done early can help you enjoy the festive season without the stress of last minute shopping and the chance of items being sold out.

As the children are set to go back to school in the next couple of weeks, this is the best time to get a few jobs done while they are out of the house.

September is a great month to start your shopping, and it allows you to spread your budget over a few months rather than spend it all at once in December. The best way to budget is by creating a gift list and of course sticking with it.

Many gift bundles go up in price during the festive period as retailers know shoppers will pay more to get a particular item, that’s why buying early can also save you a few pounds too.

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The Perfect Gifts This Father’s Day

Posted on May 27, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Fathers always tend to be quite tricky to find the perfect gift for. You always want to buy your dad the best gift possible, just to say thanks for everything they do for you. Although we spend hours trying to find the perfect gift, most dads really do just appreciate a card and small gift.

If your dad likes gadgets, there are many small or large gifts you could buy them, from a novelty USB stick to a multipurpose key-ring. For those fathers that love doing DIY jobs, finding a tool they don’t have, such as a new screw driver kit or spade or shovel. And if you really cannot think of a gift idea, you could always opt for an experience day that you can do together, a great way to spend quality time together. This could be an off-roading experience or Segway riding day out, whichever you choose, I am sure he will love it.

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Creative Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 11:17 am

Original gift ideas for Mothers Day aren’t always simple to come up with. Mums want something that shows some thought and care but it’s hard to break away from those ‘go to items’ every mother has received at some point or another. As an example socks, slippers, flowers and jewelry are always nice but not terribly memorable!

Many mothers feel as if all they do is a cook and perform menial chores for their families. Why not show her how much her hard work is noticed and appreciated with some gorgeous designer serving bowls? Or maybe a nice wine carafe, designer wine glasses, and some fragrant bath salts so that she can enjoy herself a little during some much needed down time. Rather than a new pan or a cookbook, give her some Mothers Day gift ideas that are elegant and beautiful, just like her. If mum has gone digital, then a designer case for her smart phone or tablet computer would be perfect. Think of her pride the next time she answers her phone or pulls out her tablet at a meeting, and has a gorgeous case to show off her electronic bling. These are just a few of the creative ideas out there.

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Buying the perfect valentines gift for your loved one

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 2:20 pm

Valentine’s Day is coming faster than you think, and no doubt you want to get all the important people in your life a great gift. However, finding the right gift is not always so easy. Some people on your list may be easy to buy for, but others may be extremely difficult. More than likely you have both men and women on your list, and of course, then there’s the special someone that you have to buy for as well. So, here’s a simple guide that will help you pick out the best Valentine’s gifts for everyone that is on your list this year.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a woman, there are many great Valentine’s Day gift ideas to choose from. A simple piece of jewellery is a wonderful idea as well as chocolate. Of course, make sure that you keep the woman’s style in mind if you are choosing a piece of jewellery. If it’s a woman you know well, then a cute pet may even be a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Men can be a bit harder to shop for, but if you stick to gifts that are on the practical side, you should do okay. Going with football items is a great idea or giving him tickets to a ball game is a wonderful way that you can thrill a man on Valentine’s Day. If he’s involved in any hobbies or sports, take this into consideration when purchasing his gift as well. Action sports like vouchers for kite surfing or windsurfing lessons are also a great way to get your man interested in an alternative physical activity.

Of course for that special someone in your life, you’ll want to go with a gift that is very romantic and different from all the other gifts that you’ve been considering. If you want to pull out all the stops, considering a romantic dinner, a gift of massage oil, complete with the massage. Perhaps even consider an evening under the stars on a mini cruise for Valentine’s Day.

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Sending Christmas gifts home while you’re travelling

Posted on December 20, 2016 at 8:59 am

Christmas is the time of year that people come together and get merry. Well that’s the tradition, spending quality time with your family and exchanging gifts to one another whilst drinking and eating all the glorious food. However, if are travelling and Christmas falls during your time away, it is a difficult time as you will miss out on joining the festivities with your friends and family.

Family festivities are great but traveling at Christmas also still has its perks, celebrating Christmas with alternate traditions, on a hot sunny beach with a BBQ going is a once in a lifetime experience for some. Relaxing in a pool with a mojito cocktail while the food is being prepared, instead of sitting by the fire warming up the chestnuts. Whichever Christmas is your norm, experiencing the alternative style is amazing.

A big issue of being away from home is sending gifts. Travelling keeps your wallet tight anyway, so saving on gifts is a grbright, cards, choiceeat idea. Christmas cards are a must, cards keep the thought of family in mind and you do not have to worry too much about shipping the gifts in time. Creating personalised cards is a great way to keep the cards personal and add a novelty element to the recipient’s day. Adding a quirky photo of you on the beach or cut your face into a picture of Santa, these cards can be made online and help to take the worry away about them getting to the recipient on time, the cards can be made in the country they are sending to and therefore miss out on the air mail delivery delays.

Make things easy this year, start getting creative and get ordering those cards now, before it really is too late.


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Novelty Christmas gifts

Posted on November 16, 2016 at 9:22 am

Christmas is close around the corner and starting your gift shopping early can be really handy to ease those last minute stresses.

Make sure not to over buy this year and make a list of family members you want to buy for, and a couple of ideas you have for each. Plan your budget too, and stick to it.

Walking around the shopping centre is great, however getting around those busy isles with 10 bags in your hands really takes the joy away. Leave the cold town centres for a warm hot chocolate with a friend knowing your presents have been sorted online.

christmas, gift, presentOnline Christmas shopping is great if you do it in plenty of time for the delivery to make it before Christmas. Many gift websites have a great search feature that allows you to enter the age, gender and hobbies of the recipient, and provides you with a list of potential gifts. Finding those difficult to buy for member is made that little bit easier, even if it is a novelty box of nothing.

Gift websites tend to carry a great novelty theme to them, varying from funky kitchen knife to grow your own beer for those beer lovers. Even for those wine drinkers, they have novelty sized wine glasses which an entire bottle of wine can fit in. there is always a family member that loves gadgets, novelty memory sticks or even a desk tidy will be a great gift this Christmas.

3 Red Covered Present BoxTo end it off its always great to buy a family present, bringing everyone together, an old board game that has been revamped, or even a good trivia game to get those minds working after the big Christmas meal.

Whatever you decide get ordering in advance and take those festive stresses away.

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Buying a backpack – the options are limited in stores

Posted on June 10, 2016 at 7:55 am

If you’re looking to buy a backpack for your year of traveling, your first port of call is likely to be a camping or outdoor store. These are dotted throughout the UK and they’re great for camping gear, but backpackers not so much. It’s always recommended that you buy backpacks online as there is such a huge range to choose between. Many online travel retailers exist and some will even ship the next day. We agree that a backpack should be something that you want to try on and make sure everything is okay, but if you take the time to do your research and check your sizes, you can buy the perfect backpack online without having to visit a store near you.

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Swimsuit Season

Posted on May 30, 2016 at 8:22 pm

It’s that time of year again; swimsuit season is almost among us. It probably doesn’t feel like it yet as we’ve barely seen any signs of hot weather, but it is coming and you’ll need to be prepared. If you’re planning on heading to the beach or going abroad for a holiday this summer, it’s important to find the right swimsuit. As the seasons change so do trends, and it looks as though bright colours are back with a bang this year. Whether your male or female, pastel colours are the way forward, and so too are funky floral patterns. Rainbow coloured shorts are now among us, and so there’s a bit of a 90s revival going on at the moment. Make sure you search for your ideal swimsuit this month before all the good ones are gone!

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