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Design ideas: Adding a surround to your fireplace

Posted on December 29, 2017 at 11:22 am

Whether or not you’re considering some design changes to your home, there are certain key features worth looking at for 2018. One of which is your traditional marble, stone or oak fire surrounds.

The interesting point about fireplaces is they tend to deliver a pleasant layer of elegance and hominess to any room that many individuals insist on. The fact is many people probably don’t actually use their fireplace half the time. This is obviously because most homes now have central heating but it hasn’t exactly changed the demand too much. Many modern and traditional properties are a good match for a fireplace, and whether you only use it once a year or several times a year, it will be worth buying for the value and style it can add to your home.

When you are decorating your home, including your fireplace area, try to do some research on the huge variety of designs that are available online. We’re sure whatever you decide on will help make the place more cosy and comfortable for your loved ones. Whenever you are decorating the fireplace, you can normally see the standard red brick style having a wood mantel, and this is one of the popular designs right now. But slight analysis and internet browsing will reveal that you can find a design and style for your new fireplace which is unique and will mix you with interior decorating themes superbly.

The design that you decide to use on your fireplace should add some pleasure and make the place comfortable and pleasant during the winter season. Some people consider the fireplace as one of the features that add a lot of character. It is from this that you should ensure that you have created a good design in your fireplace area. By thinking it through when you are in the process of designing the room, you can have a fireplace that suits the decor correctly and speaks kindly of your sense of style.

One thing a fireplace cannot guarantee, however, is a timeless style. The trends in the fireplace industry are always changing and evolving, and jus like the world of high street fashion, you do have to keep with the times. A good fireplace will of course last for years, but there will come a time when it needs to be modernised, so it can be best to think of this task as a ‘once in every 5 years’ kind of job!

You also need to think quite carefully about safety. Your installer will of course know what goes where and he or she will also be able to point out any issues you need to get around, but when the stove or fireplace has been installed, you need to make sure everything is sealed correctly, because leaks can cause deaths! You also need a carbon monoxide detector to ensure your family is safe in the event of an outbreak.

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Sending Birthday Cards Online

Posted on October 12, 2016 at 4:51 am

Sending birthday cards has never been easier thanks to websites like Moon pig and Funky Pigeon and it means you never have to miss a friends or family members’ birthday. What’s great about these websites in particular is that you can organise cards to be sent out in advance, so you can have all of your birthdays covered. It’s a great way to deliver a personal touch too as you can customise the card themes to even include your own photographs. The only drawback is the text is in the form of a font and you never get the opportunity to write the message by hand. There are many websites out there that offer this service and it’s changed the face of the gift card industry. If you haven’t used a website to send out a gift card yet, whether it be for a birthday, Christmas or mothers day, make sure you give it a go, it’s super convenient.

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Gifts for Travellers

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 4:36 am

It can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for travellers. Let’s face it, most travellers do not have room in their backpacks for extra belongings, unless they are small or absolutely essential, so what can you send them when it’s Christmas or perhaps their birthday? Well the best option is probably money in the currency of the country they’re visiting. If you get money changes and send the notes out to their temporary address we’re sure they’ll really appreciate it. Sending it via bank transfer is just as easy as well but it lacks that personal touch. You may want to send them several photos to remind them of you and the family back home, whilst jewelry or small souvenirs can be cheap to post and easy to store in a backpack. If you have a friend or loved one travelling around the world, don’t forget them, buy them gift that’s right for them now.

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Buying a backpack – the options are limited in stores

Posted on June 10, 2016 at 7:55 am

If you’re looking to buy a backpack for your year of traveling, your first port of call is likely to be a camping or outdoor store. These are dotted throughout the UK and they’re great for camping gear, but backpackers not so much. It’s always recommended that you buy backpacks online as there is such a huge range to choose between. Many online travel retailers exist and some will even ship the next day. We agree that a backpack should be something that you want to try on and make sure everything is okay, but if you take the time to do your research and check your sizes, you can buy the perfect backpack online without having to visit a store near you.

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Your Workout Regime And How To Change It For The Better

Posted on April 27, 2016 at 9:32 pm

Millions of regular gym attendees will generally find themselves using the same machines, on the same settings week after week, month after month. If this is you, then stop right now!

It is vitally important to offer your body a variety when exercising, as the body quickly gets used to (and adapts) to the stresses you are putting on it. You should aim to switch up your routine every few weeks, perhaps using a different set of machines, or by altering the levels/incline on the cardio machines. By giving your body a fresh challenge, your muscles will have to adapt to fit the new system – thereby changing shape or getting bigger!

Another good reason to change your regular routine is that you don’t want to get bored! If you find yourself doing the same old thing, you are likely to get fed up, then eventually stop doing it altogether. By making a few little tweaks, you can get the maximum results from your hard work.

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How to have a healthy lifestyle to get a fitter you?

Posted on November 11, 2015 at 1:01 pm

Do you really want to have a feel good factor about yourself all the day? Do you want to be a trend setter? Well! This is something all of us desire for. We can call it as a stylish lifestyle. It’s not about having a pretty face or a gorgeous figure; it has a deeper meaning to it. A life style which is healthy and punctual is what can make you go places. After all, what is more important than having a fit body and healthy mind?

You can get one by having good diet and a correct exercise regime for yourself. If you have a doctor to consult, it’s cool. Even if you don’t have one, not to worry! The information technology has evolved so much that the various sources from Internet can set you in motion.

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Why has africa been a sudden design trend in the world?

Posted on September 8, 2015 at 2:23 pm

As the African fashion trend is completely traditional, and is quite acceptable worldwide, it is due to the design of the natural beauty, the wild life, the flora and the fauna, which describes the African life style and is quite elegant and colorful. The colors are not only in single, there are blends of beautiful colors that give a cool look to the people who wear them. Also not only the fashion is reflected with the clothes, but there are even extra accessories like the foot wear, the bandanas, hats, jewelries and many more. There are jewelries like the bangles, necklaces and earrings made with the stones and carved with wood.

The shoes are been made with bamboos, leather and other substitutes and have been worn as a contemporary look provider that are even casual and cool. The trends of Africa are quite fashionable and are even appreciable in the global fashion industry.

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3 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Stay Fit

Posted on April 18, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Eating habits have changed over time. Cases of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer have upped in the recent past. Be as it may, people are too busy for exercise and choosing the right diet. Most people are resorting to use of weight loss pills to stay fit. Below are three ways of ensuring you are fit always:

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is not all about strict dieting, staying thin or limiting oneself of one’s favourite dishes. It is about choosing healthy diets, having more energy and improving one’s outlook. Eating right not only enables you to stay healthy but also affects your mood. To start eating healthy, you need to introduce healthy foods in your diet gradually and cut on the use of processed foods, sugary snacks and eating out. First off, prepare your own meals at home. This way, you have control on all the ingredients in the food. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and focus on eating low carb diets. This boosts your immunity and reduces the chances of getting obese. (more…)

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Choosing the right shower curtain to fit your bathroom

Posted on February 4, 2015 at 8:51 pm

The bathroom is most likely to be the smallest room in the house, but this does not mean they are simple to decorate! If your shower needs a curtain, there are lots of choices available to buy. Although shower curtains are primarily used to keep the water from leaving the bath, they can also look pretty! Choose the right curtain for you by coordinating with the colours and hardware you already have.

The first step to take is to look at how your bathroom is currently decorated and decide if you like the way it looks. Do you want your new shower curtain to match what you already have, or do you want it to bring a new colour to the room?

You should carefully measure the width and drop that you require your new curtain to fit.

The final consideration is which material you would like your curtain to be – polyester and vinyl can be spot cleaned, whereas cotton or fabric curtains will need to be taken down to be cleaned.

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