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The most effective cheap gifts

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 11:39 pm

Without a doubt the most effective cheap gifts are DIY gifts. Spending £5 on materials to design or make a novel gift can give you ten times back the enjoyment from it. Often bought cheap presents are novelty, they may be fun for a short amount of time, but are soon forgotten. Making one yourself can bring a bit of a personal touch to the interaction. Not only will the person receiving the gift feel more special receiving one, but you yourself will get more satisfaction from making it. You might even pick up a new skill or two while you’re at it.


There are many different ideas floating around for DIY gifts. By all means think one up yourself, but for some it is more difficult to come up with an idea. Quick searches for DIY gifts pops up varying results such as secret compartment books which have had part of the insides cut out to reveal a secret compartment straight out of the The Shawshank Redemption for example. DIY gifts open up the door to a massively larger pool of potential presents. You will never feel stuck for ideas again.

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Are supermarket deals really bargains?

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 11:10 am

With more and more strain on the individual in this economy, there is more demand for bargains while shopping. People are looking for bargains everywhere and one place which should not be missed is your local supermarket. Your weekly/monthly groceries take up a huge amount of your wage packet. So when we shop we are always on the lookout for those reduced stickers or bargain offers. “Double pack of Jaffa-cakes for £1.20! How can I resist!” While shopping, the offers catch people’s attention and the offers are taken advantage of. In this example, if the shopper were to check not only the end of isle bargains but the biscuit aisle as well they could find single packets of Jaffa-cakes are £0.50. Buying two of these single packets would work out £0.20 cheaper than buying the double packet. There are dozens of deals like these dotted around the shop. Similar situations are found with the buy two for £2.50 deals, when actually you might only save £0.08. Make sure to read the deals properly, check similar brands for comparisons of prices, ideally shop around different stores for price comparisons.

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