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eBay Feedback – Find Fakers

Posted on July 23, 2016 at 10:16 pm

Whenever you’re set to bid or buy on Ebay, it’s important to check the feedback of the seller. Have they sold anything before? If they did, how expensive was it? Did the buyer leave positive or negative feedback? What’s their current feedback score? These are the answers you need to find out and you can do this by simply clicking the user and browsing their buying and selling history. As rule of thumb, you should never buy from someone who hasn’t sold or bought anything before. They may not have even set up their Paypal account as there’s no proof, so don’t buy until they have some kind of proven history. Finding fakers is easier than it seems, and the more homework you do on a seller, the more you’ll know abut them and whether they’re worth the risk.

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