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Why has africa been a sudden design trend in the world?

Posted on September 8, 2015 at 2:23 pm

As the African fashion trend is completely traditional, and is quite acceptable worldwide, it is due to the design of the natural beauty, the wild life, the flora and the fauna, which describes the African life style and is quite elegant and colorful. The colors are not only in single, there are blends of beautiful colors that give a cool look to the people who wear them. Also not only the fashion is reflected with the clothes, but there are even extra accessories like the foot wear, the bandanas, hats, jewelries and many more. There are jewelries like the bangles, necklaces and earrings made with the stones and carved with wood.

The shoes are been made with bamboos, leather and other substitutes and have been worn as a contemporary look provider that are even casual and cool. The trends of Africa are quite fashionable and are even appreciable in the global fashion industry.

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